Hygienic Pigs for Product Recovery, Product Transfer and Pipe Cleaning

The term “Pigging” refers to the operation of forcing a flexible projectile (called a Pig), through a product transfer pipe. Because the pig diameter is slightly larger than the internal pipe diameter, it forces the product along the pipe, cleaning the pipe as it goes and leaving very little, if any residue.

HPS patented pigs are specially designed for highly effective, thorough and efficient hygienic (sometimes called sanitary) pipe line pigging. Ideal for product transfer, product recovery and pipeline cleaning, HPS pigs can travel around bends and need only low pressure propulsion. What’s more, they have a recovery efficiency of over 99.5%.

Features of HPS Hygienic Pigs:

  • Specially designed for hygienic applications
  • Highly efficient – typically recover over 99.5% of product
  • Ideal for product transfer, cleaning and product recovery
  • Low pressure propulsionRange of sizes up to 8 inch diameter
  • Bi directional and flexible – will clean around bends
  • Magnetised silicon core enables detection and PLC/software control and automation
  • Highly robust with long life expectancy
  • Can be steam cleaned up to 250 degrees without degradation

High Quality, Bi-Directional Hygienic Pigs

The HPS Pigs range from 1 inch to 8 inches diameter and are bi-directional. They are extremely high-quality, robust and long-lasting: they can be used many times without replacement. Their silicon-based construction gives the pigs a long working life expectancy, and they can be steam cleaned to 250°C without degradation. Their material is also compliant with federal code of regulations and FDA Approval Specifications.

Custom Pig Design

We have a wide range of pigs for different pipe specifications and diameters. We design all our pigging and product recovery solutions to the specific needs of our clients. As well as different diameters, we can provide pigs in different colours, and will of course provide the right specification of pig for your process.

Flexible – Can Travel Around 90 Degree Bends

The innovative, flexible design of HPS pigs enables them to travel through standard 1.5D 90 degree bends.

Fully Detectable Magnetised PigsHPS Pig - Magnetic Field

The internal core of the HPS pig contains flexible magnetized silicone that allows it to be detected in the pipe non-intrusively, using a specifically designed HPS Pig Detector. What’s more, because our pig detectors being mount externally, it is quick, easy and cost-effective to add them to existing pipe work.

As well as locating the pigs, non-intrusive pig detection system using magnetised pigs enables semi and full pigging system automation, which can provide massive increases in efficiency and productivity.

To find out more about high-quality pigs for your organisation, please contact HPS.