The term “Pigging” refers to the operation of forcing a flexible projectile, called a Pig, through a product transfer pipe. The HPS Pig is forced through the pipe by pressurizing the pipe work behind it with compressed air, Co2, nitrogen, water or even the next product. The liquid residue in the pipe that would normally be flushed to drain, waste treatment or collection areas is instead pushed by the Pig and forced to the destination filler or tank.

HPS Pigs


The HPS Pigs range from 1 inch to 8 inch and are Bi-directional, due to the material used the pigs have a long life expectancy and can be steam cleaned to 250°C without degradation. This material is also compliant with federal code of regulations and FDA Approval Specifications.

Some unique features of the flexible patented HPS Pig include low pressure propulsion, ability to travel through standard 1.5D-90 degree pipe bends and a recovery efficiency of over 99.5%

HPS Pig - Magnetic Field



The internal core of the HPS pig contains flexible magnetized silicone that allows it to be detected in the pipe non-intrusively, using a specifically designed HPS Pig Detector.