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Silence Speaks - Jodie

Silence Speaks! HPS Employee Stays Silent…

Posted in on 11th June 2015

Jodie is Keeping Quiet for a Great Reason! On Friday 19th June 2015, Jodie Rudkin, Customer Support Administrator at HPS UK Offices, is planning not to speak for at least 48 hours. Anyone that knows Jodie will realize what an incredible feat of willpower this will be! What’s more, with enough encouragement, she’s aiming not

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Environmental Product Recovery

Infographic: How Pigging Helps the Environment

Posted in on 10th June 2015

The Positive Environmental Impact of Product Recovery. Hygienic or Sanitary Pigging is a highly effective method of cleaning pipes and recovering product in liquid processing systems. It’s used in a wide variety of different industries and for many different products: for example food and drink, paint, household goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and many more.

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