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low prices supermarket price wars

Food and Drink Manufacture during Supermarket Price Wars

Reducing the Impact of Lower Price Demands As price wars among UK supermarkets continue, many of the small and medium sized food and drink businesses that supply them are struggling. So what can these suppliers do? In recent years, the habits of UK shoppers have changed. Rather than a weekly outing to pick up the

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There’s Pigging, and there’s Pigging!

Posted in on 19th November 2015

What’s the Difference? Pigging in Processing Applications, and Pigging in the Utility Industries. Pipeline pigging is used in a wide variety of industries for a wide variety of products, and for a wide variety of different reasons. Since its inception, however, it has roughly split in to two branches: pigging systems for the process industries such

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Liquid Processing Sales Engineer USA

Skilled Sales Engineer? We’re Hiring!

Posted in on 17th November 2015

US-Based Sales Engineer with Experience in Liquid Processing? As part of our continuing expansion in North America, we have a US-based Sales Engineer job vacancy. We’re actively recruiting a highly talented individual to join our existing team. If you’re looking for a growth-oriented position with great potential and the chance to work with an engaged

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pigging solved

The Problem with Pigging….

Posted in on 6th November 2015

Some Common Issues and How To Overcome Them. At a recent tradeshow (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015), engineers and pigging experts from HPS had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of people from many different industries. It was a great show with massive interest in pigging and pipeline product recovery technology. The vast

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