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hygienic pipe cleaning

Hygienic Pipeline Cleaning

Posted in on 25th February 2016

Keeping Pipes Clean in Hygienic and Sanitary Processing Extremely high standards of hygiene are vital for companies that produce or process food or drink intended for human consumption. In most countries, the standards of hygiene demanded for pet food manufacture are also extremely high. A wide range of other industrial processes also require hygienic (often

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pigging system service kit

Pigging System Service Kits: Save up to 20% on Spares

Posted in on 9th February 2016

Save up to 20% on Spares for HPS Pigging and Liquid Transfer Solutions. All the components in HPS Pigging and Product Recovery systems have a long working life. In fact, we believe they are probably the most reliable and robust pigging systems available. However, to maintain optimum performance, you must regularly check and replace some

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customer satisfaction

Survey Gives HPS 100% for Customer Satisfaction

Posted in on 4th February 2016

Most Customers ‘Extremely Satisfied’ with HPS Spares Service in 2015. Delivering successful product recovery and pigging solutions isn’t just about providing high quality equipment. It includes providing excellent quality system design, engineering, implementation, installation, software and commissioning. What’s more, it’s also vital to deliver great customer service and after-sales support. Customer Focused Customer service is at

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