21 Years of Pigging – HPS Celebrates In Style

On Friday 18th December, HPS Product Recovery Solutions marked a combination of 21 years in the pigging businesses, plus a milestone personal birthday for the company’s CEO. The celebrations, in seasonal festive style, included a lavish dinner, dance and after-party attended by nearly every employee of the company.

As well as staff from the UK, employees travelled from the company’s overseas offices to join in the celebrations. Guests also included a number of employees that had worked for HPS in the past, and some new employees due to start in early 2016. Many friends, partners and spouses also attended.

HPS, originally known as Hygienic Pigging Systems, began life way back in 1995. For a short time it operated out of a garage, before moving to more appropriate premises in Nottingham’s Science and Technology Park. Since these humble beginnings, HPS has grown significantly.HPS 21 birthday

Known today as HPS Product Recovery Solutions, the business later moved to much larger premises in Beeston, just outside of Nottingham. It opened new corporate offices in the US and Australia, and has a network of local representatives and distributors throughout the world. These include Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and a range of other countries.

Commenting on the party, Gilbert Murphy, CEO of HPS remarked, “It was a fantastic night and great to see so many people travel from far and wide to celebrate 21 successful years in the pigging and liquid product recovery business. We’ve got a market-leading product, a strong customer base and an excellent team”.

HPS provides pigging, liquid product recovery and liquid transfer solutions to businesses in the food, beverage, home care, cosmetics, personal-care, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and pet-food industries. The company’s strapline of “Quality, Innovation, Simplicity and Integrity” forms the ethos of the whole organisation.

One of the key components in the success of HPS lies in the company’s patented Pig design (a pig is a projectile that travels through pipelines to remove residual product). Its streamlined shape, long working life, robustness, flexibility and above all effectiveness (HPS pigs recover up to 99.5% of product) makes HPS the clear leader in its field. So much so that systems provided by HPS typically pay for themselves within 12 months, and often even more quickly.

HPS is an innovative company that’s finding new applications for its products and expertise all the time. For example, recent projects include working with operations as diverse as salmon farming, wineries, industrial paints and confectionery.

In addition to providing a high-quality products and a comprehensive range of pigging services, HPS also places great emphasis on delivering excellent customer service.

Gilbert continued, “Looking after our customers in terms of after-sales and support are just as important to us as the design and implementation of pigging systems. To put this in to perspective, in a recent customer survey, 100% of respondents said they were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their experience with us. That’s a customer satisfaction rate that most companies would be jealous of.”

The company is continuing to expand. It is increasing its workforce and potentially opening further offices.

Gilbert added, “In recent years, the popularity of our systems has increased significantly. We’re deploying systems for new clients all the time and are taking on new employees in line with our growth. We’re also working on some interesting new developments to make the pigging and product recovery process even more efficient.”

Summarising, Gilbert concluded, “It was a great party and a great celebration. It is genuinely exciting times for HPS, the company has come a long way since it started out and we’re looking forward to another 21 years of success!”