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Process food, drink, paint, other liquids? HPSA pipeline product recovery (pigging) solutions deliver high ROI with rapid payback.

We work with companies in the wine, beverages, food, homecare, paint, beauty, pet food, chemical, and personal care industries. Our pigging systems are one of the most effective ways to:

Proven Track Record

Based in Edwardstown, South Australia, HPS Australia provides liquid product recovery and transfer systems throughout Australasia.

We’ve worked on hundreds of successful sanitary pipeline pigging projects in Australia, New Zealand and further afield. In fact, HPS has been in business since 1995 and deployed thousands of solutions across the globe.

How Pigging Works

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HPS Australia pigging solutions typically recover over 99% of residual product in each pipeline. This by propelling a specially designed, flexible projectile (the ‘pig’) down your line.

Our pipeline pigs, which are manufactured from food-grade materials, have a strong interference fit and so recover nearly all residual product from the inside of your pipe. Our pigs are also bi-directional and fully detectable.

Our systems can be manual, semi or fully automated. Each pig is capable of thousands of runs before replacement.

Recover Product, Save Water, Reduce Waste

As well as product reclamation, we help companies reduce flush waste, water usage, reduce change-over time and minimise their carbon footprint.   We also provide customized automated liquid product transfer and distribution systems that can significantly increase the efficiency of a wide range of liquid processes.

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