Automatic Liquid Distribution – Food & Beverages

Automatrix – Automatic, Multiple Routing Product Distribution System

The HPS Automatrix is a fully automatic multiple routing product distribution system for Food and Beverage production. The valve matrices allows full path selection and pigging flexibility from any product source to any destination.

Easy to operate and control, it significantly speeds up changeover times by reducing manual selection procedures. It reduces labour requirements while improving safety and lowering risks of mistakes and errors.

Choice of Mounting Formats

Used in many different food and beverage processing applications, the Automatrix is available in a variety of different mounting formats. These include horizontal, vertical or portable.

When installed horizontally, an HPS Automatrix system can accommodate significant expansion in sources and destinations to meet with any future needs. When designed as a vertical space saving module, only the height restricts more lines being added.

When supplied as a potable ‘skid’, we provide each Automatrix with all wiring, pneumatics & I/O marshalling completed, or as clip on modules.

Fully Bespoke

Whatever mounting format you choose, we offer a wide range of tube diameters, different networking options, and single or double-seat valve technology.

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