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Pigging Systems for Chocolate and Confectionery

HPS's experience in the chocolate and confectionery sector is unique among product recovery and pigging systems providers. 

Manufacturers of chocolate, candy, sweets and other confectionery products are recovering major amounts of product using HPS pigging systems.  

As well as reducing product waste, these same systems are also speeding up change over times and preventing cross-contamination.   

Nearly every major chocolate and confectionery manufacturer has an HPS system. .  These include Hershey, Lindt, Mars-Master Foods, Kraft-Mondelez, Ghirardelli, Nestlé, Blommer, Garoto, Godiva and Haribo to name a few. We also have extensive experience with steam and water jacketing, heat tracing and hot rooms needed to manufacture chocolate and other confectionery products effectively. 

Take a look at these case studies to find out more.

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