Mondelez logo case study

Case Study – Mondelez

Mondelēz, Svoge, Bulgaria 

System Design

The site in Bulgaria produces different brands of chocolate and make plain chocolate bars and chocolate with different flavoured fillings.

HPS initially installed six pigging systems on the storage to filler lines. Each one of these lines was a single pig system with 4 drop off points and each point had two separate fillers associated with it enabling the 1 tank to pig product to 8 different fillers. Since the initial project Mondelez have ordered an additional nine HPS pigging systems.

Feedback and Results

Before the installation of HPS’s pigging systems, Mondelez were running the product to drain to ensure there was no contamination between products. This wasted a lot of product. It also took operators a long time to change products.

The HPS systems have significantly improved the process. Now the product changeovers take minutes and the waste is a minimum; the product that was previously wasted is now packaged instead of being sent to drain.