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Pigging Systems for Paint and Coatings Companies

HPS has helped many paint, pigments, coatings and varnish manufacturers realise significant benefits from pigging systems and process automation. 

Our solutions have helped leading brands such as Ronseal, Silberline. AkzoNobel and Benjamin Moore to quickly and efficiently transfer raw product into mixing tanks, avoid cross-contamination after changeovers, speed up processing and recover significant amounts of useable product.  

Importantly, because our systems are specially designed for hygienic applications, we also help reduce the risks of contamination.   This is particularly important to paint companies that are reducing the use of biocides, while at the same time need to avoid expensive and damaging product recalls. 

No matter what your main objective for pigging, HPS will design a solution that meets your precise needs. These case studies provide some examples of pigging systems for paint and coatings companies that we've delivered in the past.

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