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Innovative Pigging Solution for Multinational Consumer Goods Company

This case study illustrates how highly effective and innovative portable pigging solutions from HPS help a multinational consumer goods giant recover residual product, reduce production losses, maximise yield and minimise waste.

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About the Company

The consumer goods company is one of the world’s leading providers of food, beverages, home care and personal care products. The company, which has been established for over 80 years, also owns a diverse range of well-known brands.

As well as providing a wide array of products, the company is increasingly focused on providing sustainable initiatives. Over the years, they have developed a strong corporate reputation for their ongoing commitment to producing eco-friendly products and solutions through their business operations.

Project Background

The consumer goods giant has multiple factories throughout the world. This case study focuses on an antiperspirant plant in Europe. The plant is one of the largest in Europe, annually producing more than half a billion sprays (aerosol) and roll-on bottles.

The company approached HPS for a pigging solution because they were experiencing numerous liquid processing challenges. A washout systempersonal care production that was in operation was initially installed to reduce the amount of cleaning agent used during washouts, and to ensure the washouts conformed with European legislation. The system also used a single air blower to blow product from the pipework on each line. In conjunction with using the washout system, they also used a Flushing medium to clean a Filling machine.

One design limitation of the system was that it could only service one line at a time. This wasn’t an issue when it was first installed, because at the time there were only a low number of lines running aerosol production. However, the situation changed to the majority of the production being deodorant based, with some lines also having a complex portfolio and requiring fragrance and aluminium free production. This resulted in severe production delays during changeovers because of the lines waiting in a queue to be serviced. It also resulted in unnecessary production losses during a factory shutdown due to the need to stagger the production line. In addition, the residual product that ran through the lines was not being recovered, so would either be wasted or become effluent.

Why They Chose HPS as Their Pigging Systems Provider

HPS has a strong reputation as the world’s leading process pigging, liquid product recovery and transfer specialist. With over 20 years of experience in product recovery, HPS have provided innovative solutions to a wide variety of companies that manufacture personal care products. This includes customised pigging solutions at some of the company’s other production facilities, including the UK, US, Vietnam and Indonesian plants.

The Solution

HPS’s knowledgeable liquid process system experts quickly understood their requirements, and provided an innovative, highly-effective and comprehensive solution. The system was specifically designed around the company’s processes, and was tailored to meet their exact needs.

Working closely with the client, HPS designed, supplied, implemented and commissioned a modular portable pigging system, that adhered to the 7th Amendment of EC European Cosmetic Directive (2003). As an alternative to the washout system, the bespoke pigging system removes the residual product from the pipe-work supply to the filler with no additional waste streams introduced.

Each of the lines have their own dependent system, which mitigates issues such as queuing and shutdown losses. During each batch changeover, residual product was being left in each of the lines. Rather than flush this product to waste, the tailored pigging solution recovers the product remaining in the pipelines, so it can then be reused. And by recovering as much useable product as possible, this keeps product waste to a minimum, and increases yield.

The Results

Reducing production losses was the main driver facilitating the requirement for a pigging solution. However, since the system was implemented and commissioned it has delivered additional tangible benefits.

The HPS system maximises yield, and makes substantial product savings through highly effective product recovery. Rather than being flushed to drain, the recovered product (typically 99.5% recovery rate) can be reused. Cleaning agent waste is also significantly reduced per washout from around 60 kg to 20 kg. Previously, the fragrance and aluminium free washout would send 1000 product fills to waste following the filler flush sequence. However, the new pigging system eliminates this process.

The HPS solution also greatly reduces washout times, which gives increased capacity to the line. Beforehand, the washout time averaged around 20 minutes and this has decreased to around 7 minutes. Also as the new system is independent, changeover times are considerably reduced and issues such as line waiting and shutdown losses are avoided.

Since the initial installation, HPS have provided additional portable pigging systems at the clients request.

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