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How HPS Pigging Systems Save Beverage Companies Water

Posted in on 23rd May 2019

Saving Water is one of the Key Benefits to Drinks Processors, Manufacturers and Bottlers From soft drinks, juices and plant-based beverages to spirits, beer, wines and liquors, HPS liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) technology is in wide use in the beverage industry. It’s is one of the most effective ways to improve yields, increase production capacity,

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Popular Trends at Food and Beverage Events 2019

Posted in on 12th April 2019

What are the Popular Trends at Food and Beverage Events? Food and beverage events showcase a range of cutting-edge processing technologies and innovative solutions to meet ever-changing consumer demands. These events also identify key trends and common themes transforming the food and beverage landscape. Common themes that have emerged so far this year include the

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The Food and Beverage Industry and the Demand for Processing Equipment and Technologies such as Pigging

Posted in on 15th March 2019

Challenges and Pressures Facing Food and Beverage Manufacturers From sauces, dips and ready meals, to soft drinks, spirits and beer, food and beverage manufacturers must contend with the demanding task of manufacturing products faster than ever before. Trends such as “free-from”, “premium” and “low sugar”, the shift towards more plant-based dietary patterns as well as

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The EU Industrial Emissions Directive and the Beverage Industry

Posted in on 27th July 2018

About the EU Industrial Emissions Directive The EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) refers to the legal measures that companies are required to follow to reduce their harmful industrial emissions. This includes emissions of wastewater and generation of waste. Although the rules were initially implemented in 2011, EU regulators are currently proposing a series of best

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How to Reduce the Use of CO2 With a Pigging System

Posted in on 4th July 2018

CO2 Shortage Impacting Food and Drink Supplies Northern Europe is facing a carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage, which is affecting beer, carbonated soft drinks plus many more food and drink items. The UK has predominantly been affected by the shortage, which has forced many manufacturers to halt their production. British baking firm, Warburtons have stopped the

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