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Pigging System Commissioning – What’s Involved?

Posted in on 13th February 2020

The Importance of Pigging System Commissioning When a pigging system is first installed, it is important to ensure that it is commissioned effectively and efficiently before it is put into operation. Pigging systems designed, manufactured and implemented by HPS nearly always include commissioning. Not only does pigging system commissioning ensure that the system is up

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minimise risks pigging project

Minimising Risks in your Process Pigging Project

Posted in on 7th February 2020

Prevalence of Pigging in Hygienic (Sanitary) Product Manufacture Liquid product recovery, often referred to as pigging, is in wide use in the process industries. It’s common in hygienic (sanitary) product manufacture, including food and beverage production as well as certain types of personal care liquids. Pigging is also used in manufacturing environments that are increasingly

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HPS Product Recovery Solutions Scores a Big Win in the UK

Posted in on 28th January 2020

Project Order for Pigging Paints and Coatings We’re pleased to announce that we’ve started the year on a high by winning a £1.2 million GBP project for pigging. The project involves delivering multiple product recovery (‘pigging’) and liquid distribution systems to a large paints and coatings manufacturing plant in the UK. HPS was awarded the

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The Challenge of Staying Competitive in the Pet Food Industry

Posted in on 20th January 2020

The Humanisation of Pets Pet humanisation, where people treat their pets as furry family members, is driving trends across the pet food industry that align with many of the trends dominating the human food industry. Trends dominating the pet food market include wellness, natural and organic products and high-quality premium food. Many pet owners are

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25 Years of Pigging – Celebrating HPS’s 25th Birthday!

Posted in on 10th January 2020

Celebrating 25 Years of Helping Companies Increase Yields, Cut Waste and Improve Efficiency In February 2020 HPS will be celebrating its 25th birthday. This marks 25 years since CEO Gilbert Murphy formed Hygienic Pigging Systems, which later became HPS Product Recovery Solutions. In February 1995, to be precise, HPS was formed in a garage with

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