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There’s Pigging, and there’s Pigging!

Posted in on 19th November 2015

What’s the Difference? Pigging in Processing Applications, and Pigging in the Utility Industries. Pipeline pigging is used in a wide variety of industries for a wide variety of products, and for a wide variety of different reasons. Since its inception, however, it has roughly split in to two branches: pigging systems for the process industries such

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pigging solved

The Problem with Pigging….

Posted in on 6th November 2015

Some Common Issues and How To Overcome Them. At a recent tradeshow (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015), engineers and pigging experts from HPS had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of people from many different industries. It was a great show with massive interest in pigging and pipeline product recovery technology. The vast

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starting a pigging project

Planning a Pigging System – Getting Started

Posted in on 12th October 2015

What You Need to Know to Get Your Product Recovery Project Underway.  Industrial process pigging is probably the most popular and effective method of recovering useable, residual product from pipelines. It’s used in a variety of production processes ranging from alcoholic beverages and soft drinks to paint and varnish, from the finest quality confectionery to pet

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pack expo review

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015 – A Review

Posted in on 6th October 2015

A Look Back at This Year’s Show and Tips for PACK EXPO Attendees As trade shows go, PACK EXPO is big. Really big. Last week’s PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015 included four different halls and had a net area of 844, 510 square feet (roughly 78458 square metres). Each hall was about the size of

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Chocolate Confectionery Production Efficiency and Pigging

Chocolate Production: Staying Efficient in a Turbulent Market

Confectionery Manufacture and the Rising Price of Cocoa. The chocolate and confectionery market has been turbulent lately. The price of cocoa (the raw material for chocolate) has been particularly volatile. Poor weather, changeable subsidy programmes and political instability in the main growing areas have all affected cocoa production. Click Here to Download our FREE guide

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