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Here’s How HPS Pigging Technology Can Make Your Working Life Easier

Posted in on 27th June 2019

Solving Your Liquid Processing Challenges by Pigging From food, beverages, home care and pet food to cosmetics, personal care, paints and coatings, HPS has a strong reputation, unrivalled expertise and experience in pipeline product recovery (‘pigging’) systems, which deliver high performance, long-lasting durability, reliability as well as quality. Watch the video to learn more by

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Here’s How HPS Technology Can Help Your Business Grow

Posted in on 26th June 2019

HPS Product Recovery and Pigging Solutions are the Benchmark of the Industry From food, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages to homecare products, paint, personal care and pet food, HPS has a proven track record of successfully designing and implementing product recovery (‘pigging’) systems which enhance efficiency and deliver a significant return on investment. Watch the

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The Most Advanced Piggable Automatic Liquid Transfer Matrix System Available

Posted in on 10th June 2019

The Benefits of Automatrix Liquid Transfer Technology The most advanced what? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? But, if you transfer liquids from multiple sources to multiple destinations, and you want to do it safely, reliably, hygienically, quickly, efficiently and automatically, then it’s the best product for the job. So, rather than calling

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Process liquids? Here’s a Product People Love!

Posted in on 29th May 2019

Why the HPS Rotomatrix is Loved by Companies That Process Liquids There’s a product that’s been around for a long time in liquid processing. It’s used by many different companies and with a wide variety of products. The people that use it really like it. But you might not have heard of it. It’s called

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How HPS Pigging Systems Save Beverage Companies Water

Posted in on 23rd May 2019

Saving Water is one of the Key Benefits to Drinks Processors, Manufacturers and Bottlers From soft drinks, juices and plant-based beverages to spirits, beer, wines and liquors, HPS liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) technology is in wide use in the beverage industry. It’s is one of the most effective ways to improve yields, increase production capacity,

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