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HPS Agents Conference 2019

Posted in on 26th April 2019

HPS Agents from Brazil and India Visit HPS UK Headquarters We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended last week’s Agents Conference. Held at the HPS UK Offices in Beeston, Nottingham, official representatives of HPS from Brazil and India attended the three-day event. The key focus of the conference was to welcome

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Easter Opening Hours HPS

HPS Easter Opening Times 2019

Posted in on 18th April 2019

HPS UK Office Our UK office will be closed over the Easter holiday period on the following days: Friday 19th April 2019 Monday 22nd April 2019 UK office opening hours will resume on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. HPS Australasia Office Our Australasia office will also be closed on the following days: Friday 19th April 2019

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Popular Trends at Food and Beverage Events 2019

Posted in on 12th April 2019

What are the Popular Trends at Food and Beverage Events? Food and beverage events showcase a range of cutting-edge processing technologies and innovative solutions to meet ever-changing consumer demands. These events also identify key trends and common themes transforming the food and beverage landscape. Common themes that have emerged so far this year include the

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Fact Versus Fiction: HPS Pipeline Pigs

Posted in on 5th April 2019

Dispelling the Myths about Process Pigs Pigging technology has been around for a very long time. It originates from the oil and gas industry, where it’s been used for many years to clean large diameter pipelines. Over the years pigging has progressed from simple equipment used to clean pipelines, to advanced, fully automated industrial product

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HPS pigging paints, coatings and chemicals

HPS Releases New Guide to Product Recovery and Liquid Transfer

Posted in on 29th March 2019

Pigging and Liquid Transfer for Paints, Coatings, Chemicals – Whitepaper We’ve recently released a guide to liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) and liquid transfer technology for paints, coatings and chemical applications. The guide provides an overview of pigging, including how it works, the benefits, types of pigging system plus more. It also looks at the different

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