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How to Clean and Clear a Chocolate Transfer Pipe Using Product Recovery (‘Pigging’)

Posted in on 25th October 2019

Maintaining a Hygienic Environment in Chocolate Manufacture From dark chocolate and milk chocolate to white chocolate and ruby, safety and hygiene play a key role in the chocolate industry. It’s important that chocolate manufacturers maintain a hygienic process environment to reduce the risks of contamination and ensure the health and safety of the consumer. Proper

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How HPS Pigging Systems Help Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturers Reduce Waste

Posted in on 5th July 2019

Waste Reduction is Key Driver for Pigging in Chocolate and Confectionery Production From white chocolate, candy and sweets to milk chocolate, dark chocolate and ruby, HPS liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) technology is in wide use in the chocolate and confectionery industry. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase yields, speed up changeovers, minimise

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Sugar Tax – Will It Be Extended to Confectionery?

Posted in on 2nd March 2018

Is the Tax on Fizzy Drinks Just the Start? In the UK, the 2018 deadline for the ‘Soft Drinks Industry Levy’ is just around the corner. Better known as the ‘Sugar Tax’, the levy has already prompted many manufacturers to reformulate their product portfolio of beverages, so they fall below the tax threshold. Some manufacturers have

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New Confectionery Production Case Study

Posted in on 17th November 2017

How a Confectionery Manufacture Increases Yields and Improves Efficiency from Product Recovery We’ve recently released a new case study on pigging for confectionery production. The case study demonstrates how we provide Log House Foods, a leading baking and bakery products manufacturer, with fully-automatic single-pig tank select pigging systems. These have helped them increase product yields,

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Can HPS ‘Pig’ your Product?

Products and Industries which use Pigging Technology Pigging technology has many benefits. It’s primary function is to recover or remove residual product that remains in the line after transfer from one location to another. The innovative and highly-effective technology is witnessing a surge in demand among businesses that process or pump liquids. This includes industries such

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