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The Household Cleaning Products Industry: Trends, Challenges, and the Role of Pigging Systems

Posted in on 8th November 2019

Overview of the Household Cleaning Products Market The household cleaning products industry is a fast-growing industry. According to a report conducted by Global Industry Analysts, the global household cleaning products market is predicted to grow by $20.2 billion US dollars, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% by the year 2025. Household

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New Case Study on Pigging

Sustainability, Productivity and Profits All Benefit from Pigging Technology. We’ve recently published a new case study which looks at two pigging systems we deployed in a major homecare liquid manufacturing plant.  The case study illustrates how product recovery using automated pipeline pigging technology significantly reduces waste, increases efficiency, improves profits and helps towards environmental sustainability goals.

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