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Benefits of Using Bi-Directional Pigs for Your Pigging System

Posted in on 6th March 2020

Different Types of Pipeline Pigs Many liquid processing industries, for example, food, beverages, confectionery, household goods, personal care, cosmetics, pet food, paint, and many others use pigging systems to recover product and clean the insides of pipes and tubing. The most important part of a pigging (also known as ‘liquid product recovery’) system is the

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Pigging System Commissioning – What’s Involved?

Posted in on 13th February 2020

The Importance of Pigging System Commissioning When a pigging system is first installed, it is important to ensure that it is commissioned effectively and efficiently before it is put into operation. Pigging systems designed, manufactured and implemented by HPS nearly always include commissioning. Not only does pigging system commissioning ensure that the system is up

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minimise risks pigging project

Minimising Risks in your Process Pigging Project

Posted in on 7th February 2020

Prevalence of Pigging in Hygienic (Sanitary) Product Manufacture Liquid product recovery, often referred to as pigging, is in wide use in the process industries. It’s common in hygienic (sanitary) product manufacture, including food and beverage production as well as certain types of personal care liquids. Pigging is also used in manufacturing environments that are increasingly

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Manual, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Pigging Systems – What’s the Difference?

Posted in on 4th October 2019

Which Pigging System is Right for Your Application? A pigging system is ideal for process applications such as food, beverage, confectionery, personal care, cosmetics, home care, paints, coatings and many more. Also referred to as liquid product recovery, the main purpose of the technology is to recover or remove residual liquid remaining in the pipes

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Importance of Using Genuine HPS Spares for Your Pigging System

HPS Pigging Products and Equipment Offer Optimum Performance HPS pipeline pigging products and equipment have a strong reputation for long-lasting durability, high-performance, reliability and above all, quality. So, when it comes to replacing spare parts and components for your product recovery (‘pigging’) system, you’ve got a big decision ahead of you. You could buy non-HPS

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