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Spare Parts for Pigging Systems

Our pigs are long lasting, but nothing lasts forever! We strongly recommend you keep a variety of spare parts, including spare pigs and valve seals, in stock. This will help ensure quick repairs and minimal downtime.

How to Order Spares

It’s easy! To order spare pigs and other parts, please:

Call our Spares Department on:


+44 (0) 115 968 3366


Or Email:




We carry many items in stock and will ship your spare pigs  and other components as quickly as possible. Please note in the case of large orders or non-standard components, there may be a small delay if we have to manufacture to order.

As well as ordering spares, the helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff in the HPS Spares Department can also advise on preventative maintenance, discount spares packs, upgrades, systems checks and much more!

Don’t Wait Until You Notice Something’s Wrong!

If you use our pigs until you notice they are no longer functioning properly, rather than replacing them in good time, it is possible that fluid or gases could have been bypassing the pig during operation. This could cause ineffective product recovery, inefficient product transfer or poor pipeline cleaning. It could also have potentially more serious consequences such as product dilution or contamination. A worn or damaged pig could also get held up in the pipe line causing down time.

We recommend regular checking and a scheduled preventative maintenance programme.

For more information about expected working life of our pipeline pigs and other components, please see our article on preventative maintenance for pigging and product recovery systems.

Got a Question? Please Ask!

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable team today!

E: info@hps-pigging.com T: +44 (0) 115 925 4700

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