HPS Donate System

HPS Donate Product Recovery System to Maua Institute of Technology, Sao Paulo

In 2010 Hygienic Pigging Systems were invited by Professor Leo Kunigk, Maua Institute of Technology, Sao Paulo to present a lecture relating to our unique product recovery technologies as part of the Milk Panel Seminar to students. The aim was to deliver knowledge to the students on how this technology can enhance liquid transfer process efficiencies by increasing product output, reducing waste, reducing water usage and reducing environmental impact, all whilst delivering profit increase.

Lecturer Gilbert Murphy, Managing Director of Hygienic Pigging Systems presented animations and slides to the students as well as engaging them in debate and discussion about the technology. The presentation was a resounding success to such an extent that many students remained after the all Milk Panel presentations were complete to further engage Mr. Murphy with questions and discussion about the possibilities this technology can offer liquid process companies.

07th May 2010 – Prof. Dr. Leo Kunigk:- ” We would like to thank HPS for the lecture at the University of Maua. I would also like to mention that the most innovating presentation at the Milk Panel Seminar was about the Pigging System.”

After subsequent discussions between HPS and Maua Institute of Technology it was clear that there would be academic enhancement for students if a fully operational system was included as part of the University process plant. This would also present an opportunity for interested liquid process companies to view a fully operational system. To this extent HPS agreed to donate a system including the control panel.

The is now installed and fully operational at the Maua Institute of Technology thanks to co-ordination and resources provided by both HPS and the University. Key individuals were fully trained in the system operation and maintenance.

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06th March 2010 – Prof. Dr. Leo Kunigk:- ” I’d like to thank you for the donation and installation of the Pigging System from HPS which was done for the Maua Institute of Technology. It will be used in food engineering classes to show how this technology helps to recover food residue remaining in pipes after processing operations, how it can save water and production time. It will also be used for research with the main purpose to help food industries to improve cleaning operations.

I hope with the installation of your equipment at Maua College of Engineering we have done the first step to begin an academic relationship. I have the hopefulness that this relationship will improve the food safety in Brazil and the Brazilian food industries become motivated to install Pigging Systems from HPS.”