HPS Global Initiative

Here at HPS, we believe it is of high importance that we keep in contact with both our representatives and customers from around the world. That is why we sent our Agent & Partner Manager, Louis Kam, to visit our existing customers and representatives. He travelled to 6 countries over a 5 week period. These countries included; Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and China.

The trip took a start in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. This is a country with a lot of processing industries. Here, Louis met with potential customers whose products ranged from detergents to paint. He also had prospective enquiries coming in for chocolate. Louis supplied potential customers with detailed quotations including systems for 10 x automatic pigging systems and multi-tank drop-off system, providing an explanation of pigging and raising its profile.

With Turkey ticked off the list, next was a trip to Israel. With a very large wine industry, dairy and other applications, this country has a huge potential for product recovery. Louis spent his time here visiting both representatives and Albaad- one of the three largest producers of wet wipes in the world!

After that was Thailand. Known as the “Land of Smiles”, it is apparent that the friendliest people live here. During this time Louis was building on the relationship with our existing representation. He also attended various meetings with potential customers working out a structure, for future projects. Projects for Unilever and Akzo Nobel were also worked upon. Whilst in Thailand, Louis worked on our upcoming tradeshow- Propak Asia, which will be held 10th-14th of June this year in Bangkok. Over 1,800 companies will be attending and we are sure to be one of them!

Louis then touched base with a country that has great technical product knowledge and a large customer base, Singapore. Three days were spent here working on items for the whole of S.E.A. Discussions were had with our representative regarding projects and upcoming exhibitions.

Next in line was Australia. Louis paid a visit to our office based here in Adelaide. He also visited our existing customers in Adelaide and Sydney, these customers included; Orlando Wines, Jalco, and Colgate Palmolive. Discussions arose on future job opportunities in both Australia and New Zealand.

Last but not least was a trip to Shanghai, one of our oldest areas of representation. This last trip included not only visiting customers but providing presentations to large forums within the industry. Louis also spoke with our representation on the exciting opportunity of the upcoming trade show- Propak China.

HPS is looking forward to its next trip to visit its customers and representatives.  Along with supporting our representatives around the world, we at HPS believe in customer support and satisfaction. We look forward to seeing you at our next trade show.