HPS Recognition Awards – Overview

How It Works

HPS’ employees, individually and collectively in teams, are crucial in the effective delivery of our brand promise to our clients. The HPS recognition awards reward behaviours which help us deliver on our brand promise.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All teams (preferably) as well as individual employees are eligible (excluding directors)
  2. The team or individual must have demonstrated behaviour(s) ‘above the norm’ in terms of delivering or improving our brand values.


Initially, the recognitions awards will be made once a quarter (January, April, July, October). This frequency will be reviewed periodically. Note that there is no requirement to issue award(s) – if there are no genuine examples of behaviour deserving of an award then none will be issued.

How To Nominate

Any manager can nominate any employee (excluding directors) for an award. You can make the nomination at any time. Please use the nomination online form. To access the form, click here.


All nominations will be discussed for final approval at the first managers meeting of each quarter. If any managers have been nominated, these will be discussed and decided by the Exec team.

Suggested Awards

Whether it is a team or an individual employee award, an announcement will be made at the quarterly staff update by the CEO explaining what they did, why it was important, and thanking them. A company-wide email will also be sent by the CEO.

The awards made will depend on the particular behaviour or achievement.

Note that these are just suggestions – if there is a more suitable prize or award you think the particular team or employee would appreciate please detail it in the space provided in the nomination form.

The HPS Brand Promise (Values)

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our core values are:








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