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Pipeline Pigs for Hygienic (Sanitary) and Other Liquid Processes

HPS patented pipeline pigs are specially designed for highly effective, reliable and efficient hygienic (sometimes called sanitary) pipeline pigging.


Used by many of the world’s largest liquid processing companies, they’re suitable for a wide range of products. These include food and beverages, chemicals, paints, coatings, household products, personal care liquids, cosmetics, and many other applications.

Ideal for product recovery, liquid transfer, and pipeline cleaning, HPS pigs have a typical recovery efficiency of up to 99.5% (and sometimes more).

Why Choose HPS Pipeline Pigs?

Custom Pipeline Pig Design and ManufactureTwo HPS Pigs

We have a wide range of pipeline pigs for different pipe specifications and diameters. We also manufacture them in different materials, depending on the application. There are three basic categories of pig:

Key Features

Flexible – Can Travel Around 90 Degree Bends

HPS pigs recover up to 99.5% of product

The innovative, flexible design of HPS pigs enables them to travel through standard 1.5D 90 degree bends.

No Solid Magnets – Improves Safety and Reduces Contamination Risks

Our pipeline pigs are magnetic, but unlike other magnetic pig designs do not contain any solid magnets (solid magnets are a safety and contamination risk).

Instead, the internal core of HPS magnetic pigs contains flexible magnetized silicone that allows it to be detected in the pipe non-intrusively, using a specifically designed HPS Pig Detector.

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