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Increase Yields and Profits with our New Pipeline Pig

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest pipeline pig – we call it Gary the Pig. It’s taken years of development and millions in Research and Development (R&D) spend. And you can purchase it from today (1st April 2022)!

Pigs are key components of liquid product recovery (pigging) systems. Gary the pig has been specially designed for hygienic (sanitary) and process applications. It’s highly robust, efficient, and effective. With a long-life expectancy, Gary also recovers up to 110% of product from full pipelines that would otherwise go to waste.

So, if you process food, beverages, confectionery, paint, coatings, pet food, household liquids, cosmetics, personal care, or just about any other liquid or wet product, Gary the Pig is for you.

Advanced Features of Gary the Pig

Gary the Pig has many advanced features to meet your liquid processing application needs. This includes:

  • Cutting edge materials – enable it to achieve maximum product recovery rates
  • Pigging Ears™ – Ensure no traces of product remains in the pipeline
  • Aero – Dynamic Nose – Helps reduce downtime and make changeovers as fast as possible
  • Tail – With our patented tracking micro-chip embedded
  • Plus, much more

Importantly, using Gary the pig will help your company increase yields, and profits. So, what’s not to love?

Why Gary the Pig?

Some of you are probably wondering why we called it Gary the Pig….

It took a while to come up with the name. In fact, it took minutes of brainstorming as we wanted something memorable and catchy. And Gary is completely different to our other product names.

We were also inspired by the fact the name Gary is dying out and in danger of becoming extinct. So, what better why to keep the name alive by calling one of our products Gary.Gary the pig

High-Quality Gary the Pig

As with all HPS pipeline pigging products, Gary the pig is extremely robust, high-quality, innovative, and long-lasting.

HPS are proud to be a market leader in the process pigging industry. With a dedicated, in-house R&D facility, you can have peace of mind when you choose HPS products that they are manufactured and tested to exceptionally high-quality standards. And Gary the Pig is no different.

From design right through to manufacturing and transportation, every step of the process is thoroughly controlled to ensure that our customers receive consistent and high-quality products every time they order.

How to Order Gary the Pig

If you’re an existing HPS customer, simply email info@hps-pigging.com and our customer care department will be in touch regarding ordering Gary the Pig.

Alternatively click on the button below to fill out the contact form and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be in touch as soon as possible:

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