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Process liquids or wet products? Then you may have heard or come across liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) technology, which is in wide use in the process industries.

Whether you know very little about pigging or you’re extremely familiar with the technology and its benefits, make sure you take our short and easy pigging system quiz. You can find out if a pigging solution is suitable for the needs of your company.

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pigging system quiz

Pigging System Quiz

Pigging Increasingly Important for Hygienic Processes

In recent years, pigging systems have become increasingly more important for hygienic processes.

From food, beverages and confectionery to pet food, personal care, cosmetics and paint, pigging offers many benefits to companies that process liquids.

Notable benefits of pigging include increased yields, reduced waste, quicker changeovers, improved environmental sustainability plus much more.

Optimising Production is Essential

The prominence of droughts, sugar taxes, volatile raw material costs, the demand for sustainable products as well as the ever-changing tastes and needs of customers, are all putting pressure on manufacturers.

When we add to this concerns over safety, increasing competition and the need to attract and retain new customers, investment in technologies such as pigging is not only a wise choice but a necessary one.

In order to remain competitive as well as profitable, cutting waste, optimising production, minimising downtime, reducing contamination risks and saving water has become essential for companies that process liquids.

That’s why liquid product recovery is becoming an integral part of the manufacturing process.

More on Process Pigging

In the process industries, pigging recovers the majority of liquid product remaining in the pipeline following a changeover.

It uses a specialist projectile (the ‘HPS process pig’), which is a cylindrical style shape which enables it to retain full contact with the pipeline walls. Not only does this enable high performance but it also avoids issues such as product bypass, contamination risks and downtime.

Although the pig is an important component of a pigging system, other key components of a pigging system include the pipework, pig detector, HMI control software, receive and launch station, pig housing, various valves, supports and fittings plus more.

Pigging Process Quick and Highly Effective

Rather than wasting product, HPS pigging technology recovers or removes up to 99.5% of residual liquid that cannot be removed by a water flush. This product is then transferred to packaging, bottling or storage containers.

The pigging process is easy to implement, highly-effective and in most cases only takes a few minutes. This minimises disruption to operations.

What’s more, following the installation of an HPS pigging solution, manufacturers can reap the benefits of the technology straight away. Importantly, pigging systems provide a rapid payback with a high return on investment (ROI).

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