New Personal Care Case Study

How Consumer Goods Giant Recovers Valuable Product, Maximises Yield, Reduces Production Losses and Minimises Waste

We’ve recently published a new case study which looks at a highly effective and bespoke portable pigging solution. The system was deployed in an antiperspirant plant, which is renowned for being one of the largest in Europe. The case study illustrates how we provided the multinational consumer goods company with a custom designed pigging solution. The solution helps them recover valuable product, maximises yield, significantly reduces production losses and considerably minimises waste.

If you process liquids and are interested in product recovery or pigging systems, please take a look at this case study. Not only does it illustrate the value and wide range of benefits HPS pigging systems deliver, but it also demonstrates an innovative approach to pigging.Personal Care Pigging Systems Case Study

Bespoke Solutions

The consumer goods company is one of the largest and oldest in the world, and provides a wide array of products including food, beverages, home care and personal care products. The case study focuses on their antiperspirant factory, which manufacturers sprays (aerosol) and roll-on bottles. They contacted HPS about a pigging solution as they were experiencing unnecessary liquid processing problems, including production losses and severe production delays.

Like all our pigging solutions, HPS’s knowledgeable product recovery experts quickly understood their requirements, and custom designed a portable pigging station specifically around the company’s processes. The tailored portable pigging system (also know as a ‘skid’) has a unique design, offers versatility and can be transported to multiple locations.

The Benefits

As well as reducing production losses, the HPS bespoke solution also recovers product (which is perfectly good product) which can then be collected or sent to the next process. This greatly maximises product yields, and reduces waste considerably. As such, pigging delivers a high return on investment. This is because of the reduction of waste, along with the higher product yields and improved efficiency and productivity.

What’s more, the portable pigging station reduces cleaning agent significantly to 20 kg per washout (from 60 kg). Thanks to the new solution, washout times have been reduced from 20 minutes to approximately 7 minutes. Changeovers are also substantially quicker and line waiting and shutdown losses are minimised. So, HPS’s pigging technology is saving the company time, in addition to improving process efficiency and enhancing sustainability credentials.

Find Out More

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To find out more about the variety of benefits provided by pigging, and to discuss a solution designed specifically around your processes, pipelines and organisation, please contact HPS.