New Pigging Resources Section

Looking for resources about pigging?

We’ve recently added a new pigging resources section to the HPS website.

If you process a liquid, we hope you’ll find the content useful. Even if you already use product recovery (pigging) systems or are just interested in the subject, there’s a range of information to browse.

HPS is the world’s leading specialist in hygienic and sanitary pigging applications, as well as other process industries. We have a unique design of pig which we believe is the most effective, robust and reliable available. We also have an unmatched wealth of expertise and knowledge within our business.

We’re more than happy to share this knowledge with you.


The popularity of pigging and product recovery systems is growing rapidly. It’s in increasing use in a wide variety of sectors and industries – from paints and household products to chocolate, whiskey and wine.

Few industrial systems can boast a standard payback period that’s less than twelve months. And that’s as well as improving sustainability, operational efficiency and generally making things easier.

We hope you find the new Resources section useful. As well as guides, brochures and other documents, is also has links to other areas of the website which you may find useful.

We will be adding more resources regularly so please be sure to check back often.

Do you have any suggestions for content you would like adding?

If so, or if need any further information about pigging or product recovery, please don’t hesitate to contact HPS.