Nottingham – ‘Contender’ City is rated in top 20 ‘smart’ cities in UK

UK Smart Cities Index

The UK Smart Cities Index has been updated for 2017, and Nottingham topped the index for energy initiatives and was ranked eighth overall out of 20 leading smart cities. The index, which was commissioned by Huawei UK and managed by Navigant Consultancy, assesses 20 cities and their strategies, key projects and how they are embracing new technology across a wide range of areas.

As well as being one of the leading smart cities, Nottingham is also the home of HPS UK headquarters which is located west of Nottingham in the heart of Beeston.Nottingham smart city

Nottingham Recognised for Smart City Achievements

The study nominated 12 cities as ‘contenders’, which included Nottingham which is recognised for its smart-city achievements, particularly for energy. What’s more, Nottingham’s Project SCENe was commended as being one of the key projects contributing to Nottingham’s high ranking.

Nottingham achieved the higher marks for their Sustainability Strategies as well as their execution and implementation of the goals. As per the report, Nottingham was acknowledged for leading the way in Energy initiatives by “building on its foundational energy innovation projects with new community energy schemes that include solar and storage programs. It is also looking at how energy improvements interact with transport and housing issues”.

Nottingham Smart Projects

Nottingham’s smart projects will be instrumental in helping them meet the aims set out in its Nottingham City Council led Sustainable Energy Strategy 2010-2020. The targets include cutting carbon emissions by 26%, as well as committing to using 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

In fact, they’re powering way ahead of their goal and have already surpassed the 2020 carbon emissions target (which is currently standing at 36%).

Nottingham’s Smart City Vision

Nottingham has built an extensive Smart City Vision which it is now starting to align with its Energy Strategy.

Nottingham’s Smart City vision includes the goal to become the UK’s most Smart Liveable City to live, work and visit. They have an ambitious strategy to deploy new technological solutions to solve real-life challenges such as traffic congestion, air pollution, healthy life expectancy, environmental sustainability and much more.  What’s more, their primary focus is on developing, deploying and integrating smart solutions across energy, housing, transport, and health.

Facts about Nottingham

As well as having ambitious smart city visions, Nottingham is also one of the youngest cities in the UK where 59% of jobs are in knowledge-intensive industries, which is well above the UK average. Nottingham is also one of the top 10 UK Core Cities and it’s conveniently located close to most major cities (with the majority being less than 2 hours away).

HPS is proud to have it’s UK offices located in such a hugely ambitious city. You can find more information about the Smart Cities Index here.

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