Pigging System Service Kits: Save up to 20% on Spares

Save up to 20% on Spares for HPS Pigging and Liquid Transfer Solutions.

All the components in HPS Pigging and Product Recovery systems have a long working life. In fact, we believe they are probably the most reliable and robust pigging systems available. However, to maintain optimum performance, you must regularly check and replace some of the key parts.

That’s why we recommend our new Pigging System Service Kits.

Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

Specially created for your individual system, our Service Kits contain a selection of the components that you’re most likely to need when you service your equipment. This means you’ll have spares on-hand for your next scheduled pigging system preventative maintenance session: avoiding delays and ensuring your servicing runs smoothly and efficiently.

What’s more, we’re offering you a big discount. Buying a Service Kit will save you up to 20% on the price of the individual components.

Recommended Usage Limitsservice kit

Every pigging, liquid transfer or product recovery system HPS provides includes full technical documentation and product information. This documentation has details of how and when to change individual components (all HPS components have recommended usage limits).

It is important that you monitor usage, check and change components as appropriate. Your pigging system should be included in your scheduled maintenance programme to ensure problem-free operation.

Never use worn or damaged components in HPS pigging systems. This is because, not only will using worn parts (particularly worn pigs and seals) degrade performance; it can potentially cause other problems such as product bypass and contamination.

One of the most important components in a pigging system is of course the pig (or pigs). Here’s an article that describes how to check a pig and when to change it.

In addition to Pigging Systems, our Service Kits are available for all HPS solutions, including liquid transfer, automatrix and rotomatrix products.

Get Started Today!

We strongly recommend you replace your system components, such as seals, filters, and the pigs themselves, following the documentation and guidelines provided for your system. Do not wait until parts become worn, damaged or no longer work properly.

Our new Pigging System Service Kits will help you keep your system up, running, and working at its best, while saving you time and money.

Please note HPS Service Kits are available to existing HPS customers only.

For further information, help or advice, please contact the HPS spares department: