Launch, Receive and Return Stations

Pig Launch, Receive, Return and Drop Off Stations

For Hygienic and Process Pigging Systems.pigging system launch station

Every pigging system has to safely, reliably and effectively control the pig (or pigs) in the product line. This includes delivery to destination, as well as receive, return and storage.

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The equipment used to control the pigs, product and propellant includes:

HPS designs and supplies high quality launch, receive, return and drop-off stations to meet the precise needs of your system. Each type of station consists of a variety of specialist valves, solenoids, uniquely designed pipework and other components to enable smooth and efficient system operation.

While pigging system operation is usually automated, the specifications and configurations of the different stations varies depending on the type of solution implemented. As individual pigging systems are nearly always bespoke, so are the designs of the stations included with them.

Safe, Reliable Pig Control.pig receive station

HPS pigging stations are safe, dependable, efficient and effective. Designed from years of practical experience, their main functions include:

Automatic Decompression for Extra Safety

HPS pigging systems automatically decompress when the pig enters the launch or receive station pig HPS Assembly Launch T-Launchhousing, without any mechanical or electronic control. This ensures high levels of safety during system operation. The pig house vessel has a wider inside diameter than the transfer line so the line is immediately decompressed by the physical movement of the pig into a larger vessel. Because it is built in to the design, it is exceptionally reliable and highly unlikely to malfunction or fail.

Reliable and accurate pig detection is also an essential part of modern pigging systems. HPS Pig Detectors are usually located in close proximity to each station.

To find out more about pig launch, receive, return and drop off stations for your pigging system, please contact HPS.

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