Portable Pigging Systems – Fulfilling Customer Requirements

Improving Yield and Operational Efficiency

Pigging technology is one of the most effective methods of recovering residual product in process system pipelines. Instead of being sent to drain or to disposal, the product can continue to be processed, stored or packaged.

Because of its effectiveness and operational efficiency, pigging systems can be found in many industries. These include food and beverages, confectionery, lubricating oils, personal care, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and pet food processing.

The benefits of pigging for processing industries are substantial. They deliver significant financial savings (HPS systems typically pay for themselves in less than 12 months), and considerably improve product yield. Pigging also reduces flush waste, speeds up changeovers and has major sustainability benefits.

Tailored Solutions

Every project and client has different requirements. Likewise, every process, pipeline and organisation is unique. As such, there’s no one-size-fits-all piggingportable pigging system solution. So, all projects deployed by HPS are created to bespoke specifications, and are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

We have a highly knowledgeable pigging system design team, who ensure the effective execution of all projects. Their in-depth knowledge means they produce highly effective customised solutions, which are tailored to your precise requirements.

Since our inception, we’ve successfully implemented thousands of solutions throughout the world. They encompass everything from single-pig systems to more complex multi-source, multi-destination solutions.

These can also be delivered as a turn-key project, meaning our clients can be confident the installation and commissioning elements run smoothly, on time and within budget.

Long Standing Relationships

We are committed to building long-lasting relationships, reliability and results with our customers.

Over the years, we have worked closely together with a multinational personal care corporation to design, supply, implement and commission a bespoke portable product recovery system.

Before the installation of HPS’s pigging system, they faced numerous liquid processing challenges. For instance, the washout system used a single air blower to blow product from the pipework on each line. This resulted in severe production delays, attributed to the lines waiting in a queue to be serviced.

Likewise, the deodorants and antiperspirants that ran through the lines remained in the pipelines after transfer. There was no process in place for recovering the product, therefore it was either getting wasted or become effluent.

Overcoming Challenges Through Pigging

To counteract these challenges, it was proposed that a modular pigging station was implemented, that adhered to stringent cleaning standards. The system would remove the product from the pipe-work supply to the filler with no additional waste streams introduced.

Each of the lines would also have their own independent system, so the queuing and shutdown losses could be minimised. The pigging system would also recover the product remaining in the pipelines, so it could then be reused.

Since the initial installation, HPS have adapted and changed the design of the pigging system at the client’s request. The latest design introduces a small amount of cleaning agent with the pig, one filler flush and no product fills to waste.

Tangible Benefits

Reducing production losses was the primary factor facilitating the requirement for a pigging system. However, since it’s implementation the pigging system has dTangible Benefitselivered other tangible benefits.

For example, the HPS system significantly reduces changeover times and improves product separation. There’s also a notable reduction in the washout times. Washouts are also programmable, which reduces the risk of human error.

The pigging system maximises yield, and makes substantial product savings through highly effective product recovery. Cleaning agent waste is also greatly reduced. Previously, following the filler flush sequence 1000 product fills were sent to waste. However, the new pigging system eliminates this process.

To find out how much a pigging system could save you, please see our quick and easy Product Recovery and Pigging System Savings Calculator.

Find Out More

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