Proven Solutions for Food and Beverage Producers

Increase Yields, Reduce Waste, Improve Sustainability

Do you process food or beverages? Are you at capacity or looking for ways to produce more product?

Our established pigging and liquid product recovery technology will improve your plant efficiency and increase your profits. By massively reducing waste and speeding up changeovers, it will also make your business more sustainable and more competitive.  Click the video below to learn more:

How it Works

Pigging systems send a special projectile through your pipelines. They’re extremely fast, automated and recover up to 99.5% of residual liquid. Pigging systems also deliver an attractive ROI, with payback often in a few months.

Bring the Benefits of Pigging to Your Organisation

Whether you produce ready meals, sauces, pastes, dips, soft drinks, juices, wines, whiskies or just about any other type of food or beverage, pigging will significantly improve your yields, efficiency, productivity, profits, sustainability and environmental credentials. To find out more, just complete this short form:

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