Introducing the HPS Rotomatrix Rotary Manifold

Robust, Efficient, Cost-Effective Liquid Transfer and Distribution System

The HPS Rotomatrix is a piggable manifold which uses a compact set of rotating arms. It’s a highly cost-effective way to quickly and reliably connect pipelines from multiple sources to multiple destinations. It enables fully flexible product distribution and product recovery (pigging) from multiple sources to multiple destinations.

So, it massively increases the flexibility of your processes, while saving time and labor, reducing waste and minimizing the chances of connection errors.

The Rotomatrix Features and BenefitsHPS Rotomatrix system

Improve Safety, Increase Space Efficiency

Because the HPS Rotomatrix uses a compact set of rotating arms, this helps you reduce your dedicated lines, get rid of hoses, and makes your layout a lot tidier, space-efficient and safer.

By removing hoses, you’re also removing common trip-hazards. And by reducing your number of dedicated lines you’ll immediately increase process efficiency and gain more space.

Fully Piggable to Increase Your Yields and Reduce Waste

Because there are no valves, pockets or dead space in a Rotomatrix-based piggable manifold system, it is fully piggable from source to destination. So, because it is piggable, a Rotomatrix will increase your yields, reduce product waste, lower changeover times and save flush water and CIP chemicals. The ultimate result is lower production costs and increased profits.

Minimize Connection Errors

Piggable Rotomatrix HPS liquid transfer system

By using rotating arms to connect different sources to different destinations combined with the use of mechanical couplings, interlocks, and path selection feedback, the chances of sending product to the wrong destination is minimal.

So, if an arm is not connected properly or it’s connected incorrectly, the Rotomatrix will not allow the transfer of product.

Whatever You Process, the HPS Rotomatrix Can Help

The vast improvements it makes to safety, process speed and efficiency, reliability, plant layout, and waste reduction, combined with its low initial cost, low cost of ownership and its high return on investment, means HPS Rotomatrix use is rapidly increasing in the paints and coatings industry.

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