Customer Relations

Meet Steve Attenborough, our Customer Relations Manager

Why did you choose this career?

didn’t choose this career as I am a qualified Electrician and was contracted to HPS on and off for over a year for electrical work. During this time I was often asked about my skills and work history and an opportunity arose working a couple of days a week on site for a 6 month contract to oversee a new installation. My job title at that time was Projects Manager and my experience with project management goes back over 10 years so I was more than comfortable with the role. Over the 6 month contract I was able to work with my colleagues in agreeing some changes to our processes to ensure that we had a continued smooth running of the installation. When I started here, if someone had asked me what pigging is, I would have struggled to answer them, but now I have recently taken on the role of managing our Customer Care and After sales Department which in my view is a key part of the customer journey.

What are your responsibilities?

What is a typical “Day in your life” like?

What are the most rewarding aspects to your job?

All of it, I really enjoy the roles that have been given to me.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Over seeing my first project, a £300K installation, including managing pipe fitters and electricians in order to bring the project to a successful outcome.

What do you think you bring to HPS/What are your best skills?

Prior to being an electrician, I was in sales and marketing for over 20 years, so I’m able to communicate with the customer at all levels and being a friendly and approachable person helps build relationships, whilst understanding about costing, and  P&L’s. Also with my engineering background I am able to understand the product concept so I feel that I am qualified and suited for this position.