Pigging Systems for Paint and Coatings

Increase Yields, Reduce Waste, Improve Safety

Liquid Product Recovery Systems for Paints and Coatings Manufacturers

If you process paints, coatings or other types of liquid, our product recovery (pigging) systems will save you time, resources and money.

High ROI

Pigging Increases Yields

Used by some of the largest paint and coatings manufacturers in the world, HPS pigging systems deliver high return on investment. They’re one of the most effective ways to:

And because pigging systems save on cleaning agents (and water, if you use it), they also enhance your environmental sustainability.

Up To 99.5% Product Recovery

Our unique solvent-resistant, oil-resistant and hygienic (sanitary) pigs recover up to 99.5% of all residual liquid in pipelines that would otherwise go to waste. This ensures guaranteed sanitization and hygiene.

Increased Safety

Most pigging systems used in paint and coatings manufacture are fully automated. So, as well as speeding up processing, they also improve plant safety.

For example, automation lowers the risks of human error through incorrect connection. By removing flexi-hoses, pigging systems also lower manual handling risks and associated trip hazards.

HPS Technology is Trusted Throughout the World



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