Inflation and the Paint Industry

Paint and coatings are mixtures of different ingredients. Therefore, the industry is extremely dependent on a large number of raw materials. Some of the key raw materials used in paint and coatings manufacture include pigments (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide etc), solvents (mineral turpentine) as well as resins and various additives.

A major contributory factor to the raw material price surges has been the huge increase in oil prices.

HOW Pigging HElps

Pigging uses a specially designed projectile (called the ‘pig’), which has an interference fit with the inside of the pipeline. This enables it to reclaim the residual liquid product from the pipe to its destination. Importantly, this product would typically go to waste as part of the cleaning and changeover process.

However, with a pigging system, this product is recovered, and can be packaged, used, stored, or sold just like all the other product. So, the yield increases from pigging are significant.

In addition to increasing yields, pigging systems for paint and coatings are an incredibly effective way to improve the efficiency, productivity, capacity, profitability, and environmental sustainability in paint and coatings production.