Pigging and Cosmetics Manufacture

Why Cosmetics and Personal Care PRODUCT Manufacturers use Pigging

The personal care and cosmetics industries are big users of HPS pigging systems. This short educational video outlines some of the key reasons.

To begin with, it’s a large and valuable market, in fact one of the most valuable markets globally. In 2021, it was estimated to be around $511 billion US dollars, and not showing any signs of slowing down.

However, while demand is growing, the industry is also facing challenges. These range from high use of water, energy and other resources, to raw material shortage issues. There are also regular and frequent changes in customer demands – often related to fashion.

Personal care, beauty and cosmetics manufacturers use HPS pigging systems because they alleviate some of these challenges. They give a high ROI and quick payback, and are an essential part of the production process in many factories and plants.

The benefits range from rapid recovery of expensive or hard to source raw materials and ingredients, higher product yields, less waste and less disposal and waste treatment costs, to less downtime and faster cleaning.

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