Product Recovery (Pigging) Case Study – Household/Homecare Liquid Production

Here’s a short video showing how automatic pigging systems are helping homecare liquid manufacturer KIK Custom Products reduce waste, increase efficiency and help sustainability.

Please see also the full version of this pigging system case study on household and homecare liquid manufacture.

KIK Custom Products produces dishwasher fluid for a well-known brand.

By using HPS liquid product recovery systems, KIK are realising significant product savings. Flush waste is minimised and yields have shown a major increase. Pigging is fast and reduces the need to flush between batches, so changeovers are much quicker. This in turn saves time and labour.

During each batch changeover, residual product is left in each of the lines. The pipe is quite long so the amount of residual liquid left is significant.  Rather than flush this product to waste, KIK Custom Products now recover it using HPS pigging systems.

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