Product Recovery (Pigging) Case Study – P&G Reading, UK – Personal Care Products

Here’s a short video on how HPS liquid product recovery (“pigging”) systems are helping P&G in Reading, UK to increase product yields by recovering product instead of wasting it. Please see also the full version of this case study on pigging systems used in personal care product manufacture.

HPS works with some of the largest manufacturers of personal care products in the world. Our pigging systems for personal care and beauty products include systems for toothpastes, lotions, creams, shampoos, hair gels, shaving foams, deodorants and many others.

One of the interesting points about this case study is that, as well as recovering product and increasing yields, P&G also found that when an HPS pig is pushing the product to the filler, the weights of the cans being filled is consistent and reliable, compared to when they are running the product through the pump.

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