Why Chocolate and Confectionery Companies use HPS Pigging Technology

If you work for a chocolate and confectionery manufacturer, your company probably already uses liquid product recovery (pigging).

Increasing demand for chocolate, along with volatile raw material prices puts even more pressure on chocolate producers to manufacture as efficiently as possible.

That’s why they are increasingly using pigging.

Here’s a short video which gives some of the key reasons why chocolate and confectionery companies use HPS pigging technology.

Pigging is a really effective method of saving product during batch changeovers, instead of wasting it.

Pigging systems for chocolate and confectionery companies increase yields, cut waste, save time and save money.

HPS hygienic pipeline pigs are the benchmark of the industry. They can recover over 99.5% of product from full pipelines, even when travelling around 1.5D bends.

You’ll get a high return on investment from an HPS pigging system. If you want to find out how much, here’s a pigging system savings calculator.

If the chocolate or confectionery manufacturer you work for isn’t using pigging technology, it’s probably time they talked to HPS.

If you want to learn more, here’s a free guide to pigging for chocolate and confectionery manufacturers.

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