Why Lubricants Manufacturers use HPS Pigging Systems

Increasingly, Companies in the Lubes and Greases Sector are Pigging.

In recent years, HPS saw a marked increase in orders for our pigging systems from companies in the industrial lubricants and greases sector. This was especially true in 2021.

There are several reasons for this.

It generally comes down to the price of raw materials and the lubricants and greases themselves becoming more expensive. These price rises are largely a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The details of how the pandemic has caused them are interesting, and slightly different in the lubricants and greases sector than from other sectors.

The more expensive a product is, the more there is to gain from a liquid product recovery (pigging) system.  This is quite simply because pigging saves valuable product rather than letting it go to waste. The costs savings are significant.

Pigging systems for lubricant manufacturers increase yields, cut waste, improve capacity and reducing the effect of price rises. That’s why so many companies are incorporating them into their production processes. This short video goes into more details.

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