Wine Yields

Supply & Demand Issues

Global demand for wine has hit 3 billion cases a year and is set to continue to rise, but even with over 1 million winemakers across the globe, these winemakers are struggling to keep up with this increasing demand. Last year alone there was an undersupply of over 300 million cases, the greatest shortfall in over 40 years, compared to excess production of 600 million cases a decade ago.

Compounding the issue of increasing demand, the production of wine is decreasing in the world’s three largest wine producing countries in Europe (Spain, France, and Italy) as the amount of land being used to grow grapes for winemaking has fallen considerably in the last few years, partly due to the closure of many vineyards as the global recession bit, and a number of bad harvests as a result of poor weather.

Demand > Supply = A good problem to have, you might say, but it also represents a missed opportunity in a booming market. Maximising yield is therefore more important than ever for winemakers.

Maximising Yield

A tremendous amount of wine is lost each year during product changeovers and pipeline cleaning processes, as valuable product is flushed away. In a recent project by HPS, our client improved their wine yield by over 230,000 litres per annum by installing an HPS product recovery (also called pigging) solution on 4 of their pipelines, the technology providing an investment payback in less than a year. Not only that, but these hygienic pigging systems also saved our client over 14 million litres(!) per annum of water usage, another significant cost saving as well as reducing impact on the environment.