Our Environmental Commitment

HPS and Environmental Sustainability

Like most of our customers, environmental sustainability is embedded within our business culture. Our commitment to sustainability runs throughout our company.

HHPS is committed to environmental sustainabilityere are some of the things we do to maintain and improve the environmental sustainability of our business, and some of the ways that working with HPS will help your company.

Our Products

There are many things businesses can do to help environmental sustainability. Some of the most meaningful improvements come from within manufacturing processes.

HPS products are proven to reduce waste, save water, lower the use of cleaning fluids and other chemicals. They also help reduce the costs and resources used in disposal and transportation.  So, by using HPS solutions, you’re helping your company’s environmental sustainability. To find out more, here’s an infographic about pigging and the environment.

Our People

We have a Sustainability Officer that works within our company. Their role is to continually improve the environmental sustainability of HPS, as well as encouraging our employees’ awareness of sustainability issues and environmental legislation. This also helps us understand the challenges facing our customers, so that we can help them meet those challenges.

Our Processes

HPS is an ISO 14001 Certified pigging and liquid transfer solutions company. This further demonstrates our total commitment to limiting the environmental impact of our business.

We have a variety of processes within our company that make sure we keep our environmental impact to a minimum. For example, like most companies, we recycle and reuse where we can. Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes, and give preference to suppliers that also do so.

Our Values

Our brand values of Quality, Innovation, Simplicity and Integrity help us focus on delivering environmentally sustainable solutions to our customers, as well as within the operation of our own business. Integrity in particular means we behave ethically and deliver on our promises, including sustainability.

Our Partnerssustainable technology

We regularly work with other organisations and interested parties on environmental sustainability. For example, we recently undertook a project with Nottingham Trent University. This in-depth study by a team of MBA-level students investigated the economic and environmental impact of processing waste in the food and beverage industry.

Work With HPS

There are a whole variety of reasons businesses work with HPS. By working with us, you’re not just working with a company that is committed to sustainability. You’re also working with a company that has integrity. We provide high quality, innovative solutions that can have a profound, positive impact on the environmental footprint of your own organisation.

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