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HPS are the world’s leading experts in hygienic (sanitary) pigging, liquid product recovery and transfer solutions for personal care, cosmetics and beauty product manufacture.

Our high-performing products are used throughout the globe with creams, lotions, ointments, shampoo, deodorant, make-up products plus many more.

Organisations in the Beauty and Personal Care sector achieve significant gains from product recovery, waste reduction, and the faster cleaning provided by pigging and liquid transfer solutions from HPS.

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Proven success

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Beauty and personal care manufacturers benefiting from HPS Technology

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an HPS pigging system reduced washout times for a deodorant manufacturer by more than 50%

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Pigging and Liquid Transfer for

personal care, cosmetics and beauty products

Increasing competition, sustainability concerns, high manufacturing costs, constant innovation and strict quality and hygiene requirements are typical challenges in the personal care and beauty industry.

HPS’s focus is to help solve these challenges. We do this by providing cost-effective hygienic (sanitary) liquid product recovery and transfer solutions that transform the processes and efficiency of your personal care and cosmetics manufacturing operations.

From design to implementation, commissioning and maintenance, our dedicated team work in partnership with you to design a solution that meets your exact requirements and fits seamlessly into existing operations.

With a wealth of experience in the personal care, beauty and cosmetics industry, HPS has built an enviable reputation for delivering industry-leading pigging and liquid transfer solutions that offer technical capability and high levels of performance.

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Case Studies

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From creams, lotions and ointments to shampoo, conditioner and cosmetics, HPS pigging and liquid transfer systems deliver rapid payback and return on investment.

Our proven solutions are improving the processes and efficiency of many personal care and cosmetics production plants throughout the world.

Case Studies for Personal Care and Beauty

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take your liquid processing to the next level

HPS has the knowledge, expertise and understanding to deliver fully customised pigging and liquid transfer solutions that transform the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your plant and processes. You can rely on our many years of application expertise for the personal care and beauty industry.

Our experts are on hand with help and advice and will work with you to develop a solution that lowers production costs, reduces waste, minimises water consumption, safeguards product quality plus much more.

Our world-leading technologies offer a wide range of benefits to personal care, cosmetics and beauty applications:

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  • Recovery of high cost ingredients
  • Higher product yields, less waste and associated disposal and waste treatment expenses
  • Faster cleaning and changeovers times with reduced cross-contamination risks
  • Less downtime, higher capacity and increased flexibility
  • Maximum product quality
  • Prevention of product aeration and foaming
  • Reduced water and cleaning chemical consumption
  • Improved environmental performance
  • High-performance detectable pig specially designed for personal care and cosmetics products
  • Plus much more

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With the installation of the pigging system we have seen a reduction in changeover times from 15 minutes to around 7 minutes and also a large reduction in cleaning chemical usage from 60kg per washout down to 20kg


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Environmental Sustainability

Producing cosmetics, personal care and beauty products in an environmentally sustainable way is essential to nearly all brands.

HPS pigging systems are in wide use by personal care manufacturers, not only because pigging increases efficiency, yields and capacity, but also because pigging systems are kind to the environment.

Pigging saves large amounts of rinse water and CIP chemicals, enables cleaning cycles to be optimised, as well as saving significant amounts of valuable product. Pigging also shortens changeover times so saves power. And because there is less product that needs to be disposed of, pigging makes waste treatment and transport costs much lower.

To find out more about how to increase the environmental sustainability of cosmetics, personal care and beauty product manufacture using HPS pigging technology, please get in touch with HPS. We’re the experts in hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery systems.