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Everything You Need for Product Recovery, Transfer and Pipeline Cleaning

As the world’s leading specialists, HPS has successfully designed, commissioned and supplied equipment for product recovery and pipeline pigging systems for an extensive range of industries and sectors. These include food (including pet food), confectionery, chocolate, soft drinks, water, wine, beer, spirits, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, bubble bath, toothpaste, deodorants, hair-sprays, detergent cleaners, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more.

As well as complete turnkey projects, we provide a range of pipeline pigging products for liquid product recovery, transfer, pipeline cleaning and hygienic (sanitary) process systems. From spare pigs to fully managed multi-site projects, we have the specialist technology, skills and resources to provide the very best pigging equipment, services and solutions.

Our range of pipeline pigging products includes:

Our services include:

Reliable Technology

Effective hygienic product recovery and pigging equipment will improve your organisation’s efficiency, increase your product yields, significantly reduce product, water and cleaning wastage and lower your overall operational costs. We provide reliable, innovative pipeline cleaning, liquid transfer and recovery products and solutions to provide tangible benefits to your business and rapid return on investment.

Effective SolutionsHPS Pig in Line

As leading product recovery and pigging system specialists, HPS designs effective, efficient and productive solutions. We can provide pigging equipment for just about any liquid or wet product that’s pumped. Our solutions include single pig systems, tank drop off systems, double pig systems, and more complex multi-source, multi-destination solutions.

Effective pipeline cleaning, efficient product recovery and economic product transfer needs well designed, proven, comprehensive pig systems. As well as providing pipeline pigging products and equipment, we have a highly experienced pigging system design team who will ensure the success of your project. Their in-depth knowledge means they produce highly effective custom solutions, tailored to your precise needs.

Custom Solutions

Every HPS product recovery system is bespoke; we tailor our pigging system and liquid transfer solutions to meet the needs and requirements of each process, pipeline and organisation.

We’ll work closely with you at all stages of your project. After determining your requirements, we will produce a concept of what the system will look like, recommend suitable pigging products and equipment and describe how your system will work, ensuring you have the very best solution.

Easily Fitted to Existing Infrastructure or New Plant

HPS Product Recovery systems can be retrofitted into existing lines or included as part of a new installation.

The flexibility of HPS products, along with our specialist knowledge and experience, means we can quickly implement your solution with minimal downtime or disruption to your organisation. In fact, there are usually only minimal changes needed to existing designs or infrastructure even for retro-fitted solutions.

If you’re setting up a new installation, our design team can advise on what you need to do to maximise the systems potential and capacity for efficient product recovery.

To speak to an expert about the right pipeline pigging products and equipment for your organisation, please contact HPS.

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