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HPS are the world’s leading specialists in hygienic (sanitary) pigging systems for paint and coatings, as well as liquid transfer solutions. Our high-performance solutions are used throughout the world with water-based paints, solvent-based paints, varnish, pigments, coatings, plus many more.

With extensive know-how and industry expertise, HPS offer innovative, world-class liquid processing solutions that deliver transformational results for paint and coatings processing and production. No matter what your objective, HPS will design a solution that meets your precise needs.

As well as the UK, HPS also supply pigging systems to paint and coatings companies in the USA, Australasia and many other countries.

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Rising raw material costs, sustainability challenges, lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations, cross-contamination risks and concerns over safety are some of the challenges facing paint and coatings manufacturers.

HPS’s focus is to help solve these challenges by providing advanced, high-quality, cost-effective pigging and liquid transfer solutions that improve the efficiency, productivity, profitability and competitiveness of your plant and processes.


With over 28 years’ experience in paint processing, HPS has earned an enviable reputation for providing industry proven pigging and liquid transfer systems that offer exceptional technical capability and optimum performance.

Our solutions have helped leading brands such as Ronseal, Kelly-Moore Paints, AkzoNobel and Benjamin Moore to quickly and efficiently transfer raw product into mixing tanks, avoid cross-contamination after changeovers, speed up processing and recover significant amounts of useable product.

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HPS has helped many paint, pigments, coatings and varnish manufacturers realise significant benefits from pigging systems, liquid transfer solutions and process automation.

Pigging System Paint and Coatings Case Studies

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Our solutions satisfy the highest quality standards. Importantly, because our systems are specially designed for hygienic applications, we help reduce the risks of contamination. This is particularly important to paint companies that are reducing the use of biocides, while at the same time need to avoid expensive and damaging product recalls.

The fast operation of HPS systems, combined with larger diameter process pigs specifically designed for paint processing, ensures highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation.

HPS pigging and liquid transfer solutions offer significant benefits to manufacturers of paint, pigments, coatings and varnish:

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  • Reliable Prevention of Contamination and Cross-Contamination
  • Minimised Product Waste and Higher Product Yields
  • Reduced Product Hold-Up Pockets
  • Fully Detectable Pigs Made of Solvent Resistant Materials Specially Designed for Paint Processing
  • Faster Changeovers and Reduced Labour-Intensive Cleaning Processes
  • Unique Minimal Dead-Space Valves
  • Reduce Water and Chemical Waste
  • Lower Associated Waste Disposal Costs
  • Highly Efficient and Cost-Effective: Payback Typically Less than 12 months
  • Improved Safety and Reduced Connection Errors

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Once again, we appreciate your cooperation and participation in bringing this cost-effective technology to our business

Lance Siebert, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, LLC

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Improving sustainability

Improving sustainability in paints and coatings production is a key driver to many companies to implementing HPS pigging technology.

HPS pigging systems for paint and coatings companies improve environmental sustainability by reducing solvent and water usage, along with reducing product waste, cutting energy used in processing, and lowering waste treatment and waste transport.

Many of the latest HPS pigging innovations have first gone into the paint and coatings sector. For example, our dual pig system can save paint companies significant amounts of water or solvents. Our max yield valve saves both water and product and improves the overall efficiency of paint and coatings production. We have other innovations to improve environmental sustainability as well.

If you are looking for proven methods of increasing the sustainability of paint and coatings  manufacture, please contact HPS – experts in hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery systems.