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PIGGING solutions for homecare and household goods

HPS are the world’s leading specialists in hygienic (sanitary) pigging and transfer systems for homecare and household liquids.

Our proven solutions are used globally with products such as dishwasher fluid, washing up liquid, stain remover, air freshener, polish, bleaching agents, fabric softener, washing detergent plus many more.

With a wealth of experience in the homecare and household products industry, HPS offers high-performance world leading solutions that deliver transformational results for homecare and household product manufacturing.

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Challenges across the household liquids categories are numerous: from simply maintaining product quality and integrity to pressure on prices, rising commodity costs and intense competition, to ensuring consumer safety and the need to meet waste and energy reduction targets.

HPS’s focus is to help solve these challenges. We do this by providing high-quality, cost-effective industry leading pigging, liquid distribution and transfer solutions that transform the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your plant and processes.

From design, implementation, commissioning and after-sales support, we work in partnership with you to ensure we fully understand your requirements and design a solution that fits seamlessly into existing operations.

With decades of successful system implementation, no other process pigging company provides such technically advanced, innovative solutions and application expertise for the homecare and household products industry.

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Case Studies

transforming household LIQUID processing

HPS pigging and liquid transfer solutions are helping many homecare and household products manufacturers increase yields, improve process efficiency, reduce waste and improve environmental sustainability.

Case Studies on Homecare and Household

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world-leading technology

From the production of detergents, washing up liquid and household cleaners, we’ve helped a wide variety of organisations increase product yields, improve cleaning and enhance process efficiency though pigging systems and process automation.

Our extensive experience in household liquid processing ensures highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation.

HPS pigging and liquid transfer solutions are particularly suitable to household liquid applications due to many advantages:

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  • Increased product yields, reduced waste and associated disposal costs
  • Faster changeovers, less downtime and higher capacity
  • Increased product quality
  • Reduced risks of cross-contamination, product aeration and foaming
  • Ease of cleaning plus lower cleaning and labour costs
  • Reduced water and cleaning chemical consumption
  • High-performance detectable pig specially designed for household liquid products
  • Plus much more

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The pigging system saves about 160 gallons of product per batch run. Based on the cost of a standard size bottle of the product when sold in the store, that works out about $2735. That’s a significant cost saving

Stan Pintar, KIK Custom Products

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Improving Sustainability

Manufacturers of homecare and household products are paying serious attention to environmental sustainability.

Improving the sustainability of homecare and household products manufacture using HPS pigging technology is reliable, proven, and highly effective.

Pigging systems reduce water and CIP chemical usage, enable processes and cleaning cycles to be optimised, as well as saving significant amounts of product.

Pigging also speeds up changeovers so saves power. And because there is less waste, waste treatment and transport costs are much lower.

To find out more about how to increase the sustainability of household and homecare liquid production using pigging technology, please contact HPS. We’re experts in hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery systems.