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Spare parts and componenets for your pigging system

HPS components have a long working life. But like all systems, to maintain optimum performance, you must replace key parts regularly.

Specially set up to deal with all your spares questions, enquiries and orders, the HPS pigging system spares team provides top quality service, help and support.

From spare pigs to valve seals, looking after our customers is an essential part of the way we operate. Whether you’re located in the UK, to Australia, our knowledgeable and friendly spares department will provide you with a fast, efficient and effective service!

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Spare Parts for Your Pigging System

HPS pigs are long lasting, but nothing lasts forever! We strongly recommend you keep a variety of spare parts, including spare pigs and valve seals, in stock. This will help ensure quick repairs and minimal downtime.

We carry many items in stock and will always do our best to get your spare parts to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please note in the case of large orders or non-standard components, there may be a small delay if we have to manufacture to order.


Your Assurance of Quality

By ordering spares direct from HPS, the pigging system specialists, you are assured of genuine, high-quality components and correct, fully compatible replacement parts for your pigging system.

HPS pigs and other spare parts are subject to rigorous quality control before they leave our production which guarantees the highest quality products that deliver high levels of safety, reliability and performance.

Key Spare Parts for Your Pigging System Include:

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Hygienic (Sanitary) Pigs

HPS magnetised pipeline pigs are key components of pigging systems. Specially designed for highly efficient and reliable hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery, they have a typical recovery efficiency of 99.5% from full pipelines.

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AccuTect Pig Detectors

The HPS AccuTect pig detector, also known as a pig detection system, is a cutting-edge, intelligent device designed to reliably identify the presence of an HPS pig in close proximity. It’s available in two versions: mounted or portable.

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Piggable Diverter Valves

The Solid Seat Ball Valve (SSBV) is a specialist three-way piggable diverter valve specially designed to allow non-obstructed product transfer and no pressure loss. This can be from one source to two selectable positions, or from two selectable product sources to one destination.

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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are commonly used in hygienic and sanitary pigging systems to isolate or regulate the flow of fluid. These valves are not piggable, so are used in areas where the pig doesn’t travel.

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Seal Kits

Seal kits include soft seals and hard seals. Soft seals will need replacing as part of your routine, scheduled maintenance (due to their material). Hard seals will also eventually need replacing so need checking regularly (our customer service team can advise on this), due to wear-and-tear. HPS keep a variety of spare parts, including seal kits, in stock, so please contact us with your requirements.

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Air filters are used in pigging systems to clean and filter the air. If they aren’t replaced at regular intervals, they can become dirty and clogged up. This can result in problems with the operation of your pigging equipment, so it’s important to check and change them at recommended frequency.

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Max Yield Pigging Valves

The Max Yield Pigging Valve is a specialist piggable valve that enables simple, fast, and efficient cleaning. Unlike standard valves, it features minimal dead space which ensures maximum product recovery rates.

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Other Ball Valves

Ball Valves are commonly used in our Advanced Liquid Product Recovery Pigging Technology. With the same bore as the pipeline, they are used in HPS pigging equipment to either stop the product or sometimes the pig in a piggable line.

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Other Services

As well as spares orders, the HPS Spares Team can also help arrange maintenance visits and preventative maintenance schedules, discuss discounted spares packs, systems checks, training, software support and a host of other services.

We understand you can’t afford any downtime. That’s why we strongly recommend you keep a selection of your most important spares ready to use, and order in advance of scheduled maintenance. And when you contact HPS, don’t forget to ask us about our Discounted Spares Packs and Service Plans!

We Listen to Our Customers

Once you’ve ordered spares, we’ll send you a link to an online questionnaire so you can provide us with your feedback. This is of course optional, but we value your opinion highly and everything you tell us will help us continually improve our service.

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Don’t Wait for something to go Wrong!

If you use our pigs until you notice they are no longer functioning properly, rather than replacing them in good time, it is possible that fluid or gases could have been bypassing the pig during operation. This could cause ineffective product recovery, inefficient product transfer or poor pipeline cleaning.

It could also have potentially more serious consequences such as product dilution or contamination. A worn or damaged pig could also get held up in the pipe line causing down time.

preventative maintenance programme for your pigging system

We recommend regular checking and a scheduled preventative maintenance programme.

For more information about expected working life of our pipeline pigs and other components, please see our article on preventative maintenance for pigging and product recovery systems.

How you benefit from using original hps spare parts:

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Quality Guaranteed

HPS spare parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are designed and engineered specifically to perform with perfect compatibility with our equipment. This results in reliable equipment performance.
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Ensures Optimal Performance

Using HPS spare parts will keep your pigging system operating with optimal performance ensuring the continued efficiency, reliability, safety and longevity of your pigging system.
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Value for Money in the Long Run

Genuine parts will typically last longer than non-HPS spares. So, buying HPS spares reduces the need to replace spare parts as frequently which will save you money in the long run.
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Less Downtime

HPS spare parts are designed to be durable and risk-free, minimising any chance of equipment breaking during your operations. They are designed to last a long time and not wear out quickly, for maximum uptime of your processes.
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Continuous Improvement of our Components

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products. By choosing HPS spares you’ll have access to the latest design enhancements and the latest version of our parts.
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Fast Maintenance

Our technical experts are extremely familiar with HPS pigs and other spare parts. This makes maintenance easy and time efficient for both the customer and HPS Customer Care Department.