Pigging System Design

Making Sure Your Pigging Project Is a Success

Designing a pigging system so that it operates effectively, efficiently and safely is one of the most important aspects of a product recovery project. And it takes years of experience and practice to get it right.

That’s why HPS provides high-quality custom pigging system design services to ensure the success of your project.

pigging system design
pigging system designer

HPS Pigging System CUSTOM Design Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Pigging System Design, Planning and Implementation 
  • Custom Pigging Systems Designed to your Precise Requirements
  • Design of New Systems or Adaptations to Existing Plant
  • Hig Quality Bespoke Solutions that are Safe, Efficient and Effective
  • Extensive Hygienic Processing Expertise and Experience
  • Component Manufacture, Procurement, and Supply
  • Operator Procedures, Documentation and Training
  • Aftersales, Spares and Ongoing Support

Although we can supply all the components you need to build a pigging solution, the success (and safety) of your project comes down to design, implementation, commissioning, training and maintenance. That’s why, to ensure you get the full benefits of pigging, we strongly recommend you use the comprehensive range of pigging system design services HPS provide.

pigging system design drawing

Contact HPS Early On

The principle of pigging, that is, sending a tight-fitting projectile through a pipeline to force out residual product, is straightforward. However, to design an effective pigging system for any particular liquid process requires extensive expertise and experience. That’s because there’s a lot to take in to account. For example, length and diameter of pipeline, pipeline material, type of propellant, viscosity of the liquid or liquids, pumping pressures, temperatures, types of couplings, number of sources and destinations, whether the product needs protection from air, whether it tends to foam, the number and frequency of changeovers, types of valves used, and so on.

To ensure the success of your pigging system, we strongly recommend you contact HPS design experts at the early stages of your project. They’ll work closely with you to deliver a successful system: one that meets your objectives, does what you need it to do, avoids any pitfalls and provides a rapid return on investment. In other words, we’ll help you get it right.

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